Kuru Footwear

So I just ordered a new pair of Kuru Footwear and can’t wait to get them on my tired aching feet.

Here’s a pic of what I ordered:

Typically I alternate between my Dansko clogs and my Merrell Chameleon II’s. Well my Merrell’s have finally bit the dust and it was time to buy a new pair. I usually by my Merrell’s over at OnlineShoes.com while browsing I came across the Kuru Java, liked the look but wasn’t sure about sizing. After doing a little research and reading the technology behind the shoe I knew I had to give them a try.

Check back here for my review once I receive the shoes and have the time to give them a test walk.


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One response to “Kuru Footwear

  1. Richard Sohne

    So how did the Kuru Java work out for you. I love my Merrells but I have to admit that the Kuru line has spiked my interest.

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