Amazon sends out apology in regards to Nokia N900 and 3G on ATT vs T-Mobile

“Hello from

Thanks for ordering the Nokia N900 Unlocked Cell Phone/Mobile Computer. When you placed your pre-order, the detail page incorrectly indicated that the phone will work with AT&T 3G within the United States.

The Nokia N900 only works with T-Mobile 3G within the United States. If this wasn’t what you expected, we understand if you’d like to update or cancel your order. You can make order changes here:


We appreciate your order and hope to see you again soon.”

This phone appears to be an absolute beast. Nokia included a SNES emulator and with it’s TV out ports you can play video from your phone on your TV. On top of all the other great features they have bluetooth profiles for the Wiimote. Using your phone you can play SNES on your TV with a Wiimote controller. I can’t wait to see what other crazy stuff this phone can do.


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