AT&T Jumps on Android Bandwagon

AT&T has partnered with Dell to bring and Android based phone to their network in 2010 according the Wall Street Journal.

This isn’t exactly surprising given the recent Dell-AT&T rumors, a quick look at the events of the last few days involving the four US wireless players does bring up some questions in reaction to this whole thing:


  • Apple removes all Google Voice apps from the iPhone OS App Store
  • Google CEO Eric Schmidt steps down from Apple’s board of directors
  • Verizon launches “There’s a Map for that” ad campaign, which digs at AT&T and iPhone
  • Bloggers everywhere put 2 and 2 together and come up with, “Well, maybe no iPhone to Verizon after all, eh? And, huh, still no Android phones on AT&T. This means war!
  • Verizon and Google hold a joint press conference announcing forthcoming Android devices on VZW
  • Now Dell’s making an Android phone for AT&T, What hell’s going on?
  • I have no clue who’s at war with whom, or what the future holds for iPhones on other US carriers. It looks as if AT&T’s taking a swim in the Android pool after all.

Crunchgear reported that the Dell Mini 3i – an up until now China-only Android phone pictured next to the iPhone above – is going to be spruced up a bit to be sold in the US market. Will the 3i show up on AT&T sometime next year? Only time will tell.

For now I’m left scratching my head wondering what’s going on.


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