Google Android Gaining Ground

The slow to catch on Google Android Operating System for mobile phones appears to be gaining ground on its competitors Apple and Research In Motion.

The release this week of the Android-based Sprint HTC Hero and the upcoming November release of the Samsung Moment have initiated an increase in the number of Android phones on the market – with the Google software platform having lined up a number of hardware partners including HTC, LG, Samsung, and Motorola the Android platform is poised for explosive growth.

Google Android has received support from top US mobile carriers Sprint, T-Mobile, cellular giant Verizon Wireless announced this week that it will unveil two Android phones shortly. Other industry rumors reportedly have AT&T releasing an Android-based smart phone from Dell.

The Android platform was released by Google October 22, 2008, on the T-Mobile G1. Mixed reviews of the Android Operating System couldn’t stop over one million G1 devices from being sold.

After improving the software and the opening of an application store named Android Market, the operating system has won over a host of manufacturers, carriers, and application developers. The application store continues to grow with an estimated 10,000 applications.

Gartner Research analyst Ken Dulaney, stated in his wireless forecast that he expects the Android phone operating system to take the No. 2 spot by 2012, behind worldwide leader Symbian and just ahead of the iPhone OS.

Speaking of Symbian long time supporters Nokia and Sony Ericsson are rumored to be looking at the Android operating system. No word yet if Blackberry, Apple or Palm will jump on the Android bandwagon, it’s kind of doubtful as all three develop their own software and hardware.

“The platform is very consistent – that’s what people appreciate: You can build on this thing,” Dulaney said. “Android comes in at No. 2 because they’ll have more feet on the ground selling phones while Apple is only one company.”

Referencing the growing Android appeal, Google CEO and Chairman Eric Schmidt said: “Android has come a long way from one device, one carrier and one country to over nine devices in 26 counties with 32 carriers in 19 languages. You can see the growth!”

This blogger is looking forward to seeing what Android can do and seeing the new phones rumored to be coming to the US market in the first quarter of 2010.


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