Acer Aspire D250 with Google Android starts making the rounds

Acer is set to release a new version of the Acer Aspire One D250 soon with both Windows 7 and Google Android loaded up. You can choose between the operating systems at launch. And Acer has been busy sending out demo units to a handful of tech news sites.  Here’s a short roundup of sites that have managed to get their hands on the Android enabled version of the laptop:

  • Laptop Magazine – Android boots in 30 seconds and looks good on the large screen, but the UI is clearly designed for phones, not laptops.
  • Register Hardware – You actually have to boot Android first and then choose the “switch OS” option to load Windows, which seems silly. Nice little video preview
  • Pocket Lint – There aren’t any keyboard shortcuts to support Android features, so you have to navigate with a touchpad and the Esc button.
  • The Mirror – The laptop will be available in the UK on October 22nd for £279.
  • ZDNET UK – Android supports email, chat, web browsing, and generally looks like the Smartphone version.

The long and short of it is that it looks like Acer kind of slapped Android on an existing netbook without spending much time ensuring that the hardware/software combination actually makes any sense. But hey, it’s two operating systems for the price of one… or something.


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