kgb Answers Mobile Application Hits Android and iPhone

kgb’s Answers to Any Question, Answered in Real Time by kgb Special Agents, Are Now Available on Smartphones with More Information in Every Answer.

Today kgb announced the release of their mobile application for Android and iPhone. kgb, is the global information company behind America’s most successful text answer service, kgb 542542, has introduced ‘kgb Answers,’ a new mobile answer application for the iPhone and Google Android devices (TM). Now available for download in the iPhone App Store and the Google Android Marketplace, the kgb Answers mobile app delivers quick and accurate answers to any question while allowing consumers to take full advantage of the rich capabilities of their smartphones.

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As with kgb’s 542542 text answer service, consumers can still “ask anything,” but with kgb Answers, they can also get answers linked to maps with the ability to save important addresses and phone numbers and share with friends via email, SMS or Facebook. Users can create favorites from among all their answers and see what other people are asking, they can browse questions and answers related to the topic of their own question, and they can even link straight to the answer source. Like the original text answer service, kgb 542542, kgb Answers is also powered by live kgb Agents who deliver quick, accurate answers to any question in minutes.

kgb Answers is available in the Android Market for $1.99 which includes 3 free answers. I don’t know how popular it will be when you can Google your questions and get the answer free.


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