A Few Free Cool Communication Android Applications

1. ChompSMS

You love your Android phone? You SMS all the time? Then chompSMS is for you: It’s got a great user interface, chat style SMS bubbles, touchscreen keyboards and many other great features! Also coming soon, T9 predictive touchscreen keyboard and color customizations.

2. Hi AIM

AOL Instant Messenger(AIM) client for android. Data sent through network. No SMS fee. Support for smileys and chat bubble styles

3. Fusion Voicemail Plus

Fusion Voicemail Plus from PhoneFusion is an easy to use award winning service that lets you centralize your voicemail boxes (mobile, home, office etc.) No more calling voicemail – just Touch-N-Listen right from your phone. BETTER AND FASTER than iPhone. A must have for your Android phone!

4. Speaking Pad

Speaking Pad is a talking notepad that will speak whatever you type! IDEAL Group’s Speaking Pad is an entertaining application for anyone who wants to prank their friends with computerized speech!

5. Meebo IM

Meebo is a free IM program that supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace IM, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ. You can also sign in using a Meebo account and your chat history will be saved forever, and can be accessed from anywhere by logging in at http://www.meebo.com.

6. Steel

The web at your fingertips! Browse the internet full screen via a simple user interface with auto-rotate, a virtual keyboard, zoom and page flip gestures. You can also download files of any type. Enjoy all of your phone’s features – today!

7. PhoneBook

Phonebook is a brand new user interface for viewing and managing your contacts. It displays your contacts with pictures and contextual information such as coming birthdays, missed calls and unread text messages. Phonebook comes with a nice landscape view, a dialer and a quick access to your favourites and most called contacts. With Phonebook, have fun while browsing your contacts.

8. Live Chat

Chat, flirt and discuss with other users in this Live Chat application. You can create your own chat groups and create a profile with photo. Have fun!

9. Opera Mini

Browse the entire Web on your Android phone and save time and money. Opera mini is compressing pages up to 90%, making web browsing fast. Synchronize your bookmarks, history, notes and more between your computer and mobile phone, and a lot more.

10. TwiDroid

Twidroid is the first full-featured twitter client application on the android platform with features like native photo posting, location support, auto-completion, a fully integrated notification system and the latest news from twitter buzz.

11. Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is a FREE enhanced SMS & MMS application for Android.m It fully unleashes the power for your Andorid phone on messaging, including:


  • Compatible with existed android phones,including HTC Dream,Magic,HERO ,MyTouch 3G….
  • Full Support SMS,MMS including attach picture,movie,audio…..
  • Greate customizability,you can define many options on settings window
  • Power SMS POP UP Window including SMS Template(Quick Text),Recognize Speech and Speak SMS
  • Group Send SMS & MMS, easy people & group select , Sync with your phone contact database
  • Beautiful UI ,including different theme and different conversation bubble style (iphone,handcent ,android)…
  • Define different ringtone,vibrate,LED,background,signature ,bubble style… for different people
  • Support additional font pack ,can display sms message with many beautiful & stylish font
  • Include 10 and more countries language pack and will continue support more language
  • Many useful functions including Blacklist ,Search SMS & MMS ,Batch Mode for threads & Messages….
  • Support Handcent keyboard (A T9 predict Text keyboard)

…many more functions are in development


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