Improving Battery Life on Your Android Device

Everyone is complaining about their battery life and the fact that some applications don’t automatically close when you exit to the home screen. I recommend that you download TaskPanel X.

On your first install everything that is running on your phone, including those applications that are needed to keep your phone running will show up. Once you see the list long press on the following and add them to the ignore list.

Ignore List:

  • Clock
  • Google Partner Setup
  • HTC Sense
  • HtcIQ Agent
  • Sprint Updater
  • Touch Input

This list is specific to the HTC Hero on Sprint, I’m sure other manufacturers and carriers have their specific apps that need to run in order to keep the phone up and running. Just replace the HTC and Sprint items with your carrier or manufacturer items.

For other applications simply long press on them and add them to the “Manage Wanted List.”

After you’ve done this go into menu > preference > Setup Auto Killer, from here enable auto killer, change your frequency (I have mine set for 30 minutes) and I have my Threshold set at 50mb.

The programs I have left off both lists are the programs I use a lot and want the option to keep them running or not, they include:

  • Mail
  • Handcent SMS
  • Gmail
  • Loopt

With my phone in this setup I consistently run with 83mb of available memory. I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts this is why I haven’t experienced the battery issues people are complaining about or the lag that has been reported by others using or playing with the Hero in stores.



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3 responses to “Improving Battery Life on Your Android Device

  1. Jim Rome

    How do I download TaskPanel X? The 2-D barcode leands me to a marketplace search for com.taskpanel, and that fails.

  2. Jim Rome

    Ed, I still would like one. I get runaway processes that can’t stop. For example, StreamFurious Pro. If you enter a bad URL, it just hangs, and you cannot stop playing music.

    So how do I get TaskPanel X?

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