Service Tattler for Android

Checking out the new hotspot in town or eating at your favorite restaurant? Service Tattler is an Android program that allows you to track and rate the service you’ve received, when you’re done you can publish your experience on the Service Tattler web-site, your Twitter feed or e-mail them to a friend. Service Tattler offers you a quick and easy way to review a restaurant without being a full on Yelper.

Have you ever wondered if it only felt like an eternity to get your first drink? Well, Service Tattler has a built in timer for that.

Do you tip by service rather than the pre-perceived societal expectations? Service Tattler has a tip calculator built in, you can tip based on the societal norm of 20%, a percentage of your choice or based on the quality of service you received.

I’ll be using Service Tattler tonight at my favorite Italian restaurant just to see if they’re really as great as I think. Check back here for the e-mailed results.

Check out the video for all the in’s and out’s Service Tattler offers:



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