Verizon Announced Droid Event for October 28

Looks like that countdown clock on the Droid website was ticking down to the official announcement of the Verizon Droid. Verizon Wireless sent out invitations to the media that confirms what we already know, the Droid made by Motorola is headed to Verizon Wireless. Come October 28th, be ready for the onslaught of Droid.

In a separate promotional mailer from Verizon PR, 11/09 is listed on the backside. And since November 9th comes after October 28th, I’m betting that the November 9th date is the actual release date of the Droid.

To show how serious Verizon is about the Droid, check out the video of the package they mailed to MobileCrunch What says ‘Droid’ more than this?


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