Google Android Flexing Its Muscles

If you have been following the Android news lately, you might have seen important Android announcements published around the web. Despite having the full backing of a gigantic company like Google, Android has seen relatively mundane progress in terms of software releases as well as hardware adoption until now.

In the past Android devices popped-up here and there and a couple succeeded in making some buzz, but nothing outstanding like the “Jesus” phone (iphone), until just recently when Google CEO Eric Schmidt commented, and I quote, “Android adoption is about to explode”.

While it’s not surprising for a CEO to make such startling comments about their products, but when someone like Eric Schmidt makes a claim like this, I usually take it seriously. And it seems he wasn’t kidding around.

Things are kicking-up pretty fast with the announcement of Motorola’s “Droid”, the latest Android phone soon to be released on Verizon.  Some reports claim “Droid” isn’t just one phone but a whole family of Verizon Android phones. Reliable tech sites that had some quality time with “Droid”, or “Sholes”, proclaim that it is the best Android phone yet. Pretty heavy claims indeed, that we can only hope are true. Supporting these statements Verizon went so far as to make an “iDont” commercial to point out iPhones limits and saying everything iPhone doesn’t do, the new and more powerful “Droid”… does it flawlessly.

So far so good for Google and all Android fans after all, there is nothing better than competition in order to improve things. Hey Steve, don’t fall asleep, Android 2.0 is here and alive!

Allow me throw in my two cents.  Apple and the iPhone caused a paradigm shift in smartphone usage, and maybe its’ definition too.   So far, the iPhone has been unstoppable. Not only because of its unique user experience, but also thanks to its huge database of music (iTunes is USA’s largest online music seller), and to its huge software database of over 85,000 applications that have generated about 2 billion downloads to date. Apple made what many in the Windows Mobile world tried for years.


With such a strong competitor, Google has a big challenge ahead, in order to make sure that things go in the right direction Google has no other choice but to be extremely involved in future development.  It’s been reported that Google had a direct influence on the design of the “Droid,” excellent news for Motorola, which happens to be in need of someone who knows what they’re doing in this world of smart-phones.  So far having the coolest OS is just half the battle, Google really needs to boost things up when it comes to its application store, whether you like it or not, the actual Android Market Store is quite disappointing.

This is where Google has to concentrate their effort now, after all, developers go where the money is and targeting the biggest audience is the easiest way for them to turn hours of coding into profits. Also Google has yet to have anything like the iTunes store, Apple’s Core business is selling iPhones to the world, but here again things may change soon. According to general rumors running around the Internet, Google made a huge move in this direction a couple of days ago (Google Music), making a huge impact on how Android will be marketed in the future.

By offering a more robust and complete operating system, with a real application and music store, Google is shaping its future as a real iPhone competitor and this is just what the consumer needed.  Being an Internet leader and reaching way more customers than Apple, Google gives application developers, recording companies & movie makers access to a huge number of potential customers ready to invest in their next mobile device.

A single Device may not change the game in favor of Android, and despite the fact that Apple succeeded with 2 different models, Google via its Android OS will be offered in a bit more than 50 different models coming from the biggest makers available on the market,  HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and many more.

I really don’t think that a single device, like the “Doird” will succeed in killing the iPhone in one year, and I don’t think that as of yet there is a viable challenger, but thanks to a better OS, more manufactures adopting Android, and the unknown and unleashed force of the open-source world, Android has a bright future ahead, but it will take time.


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