Address Book Android Contact and Communication Management

Asurion Mobile Applications is bringing the future to us now with their new Android application Address Book which streamlines and centralizes the way we communicate in our daily digital lives.

Address Book is a contacts-management system that cross-matches your contacts from various services known as “Mix-ins.” The app loads contacts from Amazon, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube, then automatically matches the names to create a central, detailed profile of the people you know. Users can unmatch profiles or manually pair names to get further details, and backup this information by syncing data onto Asurion’s servers. From there, users can read tweets, check status, see videos, respond to texts, and see a detailed log of interactions with others.

For instance, you may not care about status updates from your Facebook-obsessed friend, but you may want to know when they add pictures to Facebook or a video to YouTube showing off their new puppy. Maybe even want to know when I update my wish list on Amazon to help figure out what to buy me this holiday season. Clicking on a contact will bring up the relevant content you define through Mix-in auto-matches.

According to documentation Address Book also features a business-friendly component that provides direct access to certain features. Aside from a Yellow Pages Mix-in for business information, Address Book features a “Smart Business Contact” feature that can locate businesses someone frequents. Adding a Smart Business Contact brings up that coffee shop or restaurant in Google Maps, allowing users to find the nearest Starbucks or Domino’s Pizza.

Here’s a little video:

Unfortunately the program can’t be accessed via the Android Market at this time, both the link provided via text mesaging from their web-site and the barcode below bring up the following message “There are no matches in Android Market for the search:”

Unfortunately because of this error I have been unable to test Address Book for myself, while it looks promising on paper, you just never know until you run the program for yourself.

I have an e-mail into the developers to see what gives. As soon as I know you’ll know.


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  1. Nancy Benovich Gilby

    and the AddressBook team would like to thank everyone for trying and giving feedback on AddressBook. It’s only been a few days but we’ve learned a lot and will be responding to feedback with improvements in short order.

    One issue that may best be addressed when we can catch them in the blogs is “where in the heck/he__ is the AddressBook app?”. We made a mistake and were not as explicit as we should have been that only Android 1.6 is supported by AddressBook at this time.

    We realize this is a disappointment to HTC Hero (guess who LUVs her Hero, me) and Moto Cliq users. However, try as we might, there was a severe bug introduced with Android 1.5 that added significant instability into our app, especially with installation and deletion of mixins. We worked with Google, submitted a fix for Andorid on 1.5, and while Google was able to respond for 1.6, there was not an opportunity for them to get the fix into an update for 1.5.

    If any of you out there are willing to join our “guinea” program (very pre-release), and likewise are willing to follow a strict set of guideline for installing/de-installing with “as is” ground rules, please email us at to discuss use on 1.5. If not, we’re working day and night to be ready for 2.0.

    Keep the feedback coming, we are listening,


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