Text Messaging Issues With HTC Hero Android Device

An influx of people on Sprint’s support forums have been experiencing intermittent text messaging problems with the HTC Hero. The issue seems to be with receiving text messages. Sending messages appear to work just fine. The issue isn’t just with Sprint customers, carriers in the UK are also experiencing the very same problem.

Are any of you experiencing this problem with your HTC Hero?



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4 responses to “Text Messaging Issues With HTC Hero Android Device

  1. Andrew

    Yes, my Sprint Hero misses messages here and there as well. When I first got the phone, I missed a whole chunk of messages over the first few days. However, as of late, I haven't experienced any missing texts. My dad and wife also have the phone and have experienced similar issues. I also wasn't notified when I had new voicemails a few times. Overall, the phone is great!!! I can't wait for an update to help negate the lag a bit. But I'll be patient in the meantime. Go Hero! Posted from my Hero!!!

  2. Nathan

    I am having problems with texting on my HTC Hero for Sprint. Only problem is that only few contacts get their own thread with the threaded texting. So I think I’m sending a message to one person but it will send it to the other person or people in that thread. This problem is irritating but I love the phone so much I can’t return it.

    • Which SMS/MMS program are you using. I haven’t experienced any problems with my Hero. I’m using Handcent SMS.

    • Stephanie

      Nathan, I am having that same problem with my HTC Hero. Only a few contacts are getting their own thread and I have sent messages to people that weren’t supposed to get it. This problem is irritating and I hope it can be fixed it not I will take mine back!!!

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