Address Book Android Contact and Communication Management Update

Earlier today we told you about the new Address Book application by Asurion Mobile Applications, in our article we told you that we had e-mailed Asurion about the application not being available at the time of our posting in the Android Market. Nancy Benovich Gilby, VP Engineering with Asurion responded to our e-mail, here is what she had to say”

Hi Ed,

We will contact you if/when we put out a version supported on the Hero or there is a Hero Android OS update available. Unfortunately, there were bugs introduced into Android OS 1.5, fixed in 1.6, that make it difficult/near to impossible for us to support.

We would like to hear feedback on what you think. I am in love with the HERO, it’s the best Android phone out there yet so we are sympathetic to the concern.

If you’d like to discuss in further detail, I’d be happy to speak with you directly”.

Best regards,
Nancy Benovich Gilby
VP Engineering

It’s nice to see a company respond promptly to questions for support from their consumer base. Yet again Sprint’s slow response to the issues inherent with the CDMA Hero has limited their clients ability to use the Hero to its full capabilities.

If you’re running Android 1.6 head on over to the Android Market to download Address Book and come back to tell us what you think about the application.


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