Engadget Gets Hands-on with the Motorola Droid

Engadget has the first hands on video posted over on their site.  If you listen closely to the woman from Verizon you must have the keyboard open, or have the phone in one of the available at an additional charge docks to get the phone into landscape mode.

Engadget First Hands-on with Motorola Droid

The woman also talks as if the ability to voice search Google is a new thing specifically for the Droid, Umm hello sister I can do that from any phone.  It was nice to see that you don’t need the MotoBlur overlay in order to link up your contacts with their social network memberships.

The only cool thing about the Verizon Droid is Android 2.0 and Google Navigation, both of which will be available to soon on other Android devices.

All in all the Verizon Droid so far is very disappointing from its “eh” look to the necessity to keep it docked or open the keyboard to get into landscape mode.  Certainly hasn’t lived up to the hype.  NEXT!


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