HTC 17 Known Issues, Sprint 9 Known Issues with the HTC CDMA Hero

I spoke with my contact at HTC today, there are 17 known issues with the CDMA Hero.  Sprint Tech Support states they only have 9 known issues.  Who do you believe?

Known Issues: (Italics denotes issues known by Sprint)
  1. Text messages
  2. VM not playing on BlueTooth
  3. EVDO showing Rev0 instead of RevA
  4. MMS can’t be sent over WiFi
  5. Can’t delete GMail account
  6. Slow Connection
  7. Duplicate Contacts
  8. Graphics on Accuweather not rendering
  9. Sprint Navigation opening and running in the background on its own
  10. Clock Widget showing incorrect time with all widgets except the combined clock/weather widget
  11. Closing Peep closes the weather on the clock weather widget
  12. Browser doesn’t close
  13. Applications renaming themselves from proper name to com.whatever.something
  14. Native Messaging App opening the dialer
  15. Native Messaging App preventing the phone from sleeping
  16. Delay in receiving SMS messages
  17. Headset putting out mono instead of stereo

Now on to the interesting portion of my conversation with HTC. The HTC Sense UI and 1.6 were having problems getting along prior to release.  Sprint didn’t want to release the Hero running stock Android so the development team at HTC back ported CDMA capabilities into 1.5 which they believe is behind all the problems listed above.  According to HTC the issues between 1.6 and Sense were worked out, the update to 1.6 has been ready for release since October 17, 2009, Sprint has not responded to HTC on how they want to handle the update, in essence Sprint has not approved the release.  Even more interesting is the fact that HTC almost has the bugs worked out between Sense & 2.0 which should be ready for release shortly.

Will Sprint skip right over 1.6 and go to 2.0 or will they leave us stuck with the growing list of problems and 1.5?

HTC’s suggestion was to have everyone with an issue call and report their issues directly to Sprint and hopefully this will light a fire under Sprints proverbial butt.

We have contacted Sprint Corporate at this time they have not responded to our request for more information.  If anyone from Sprint would like to set the record straight please contact us:



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2 responses to “HTC 17 Known Issues, Sprint 9 Known Issues with the HTC CDMA Hero

  1. Dave Licence

    Not so sure about the issues between Sense and 1.6 being resolved and it being ready for release. If that were true why is it also not available yet for unbranded unlocked GSM versions of the Hero?

    I think they are just waiting for 2.0 – given the short amount of time between 1.6 and 2.0 why bother releasing, and potentially introducing more issues with, multiple releases.

  2. Ed Brophy

    To answer the first part of your question. HTC has already stated the carriers with the Hero have opted to skip over 1.6 and wait for 2.0. Just because they're waiting doesn't mean the issues between Sense and 1.6 haven't been worked out.

    HTC also announced today that the Android 2.0 / Hero rumor is true. See this post.

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