No Android HTC HD2 for Verizon?

Yours truly reported a rumor circulating a few days back that the HTC Passion, the CDMA equivalent of the Dragon, would be coming to Verizon as Android’s version of the HD2. According to a recent interview however, that rumor has been dispelled by HTC’s CEO.

Peter Chou conducted an interview with Forbes yesterday and talked about quite a few aspects of the smartphone industry. But what was most interesting to us was his declaration:

Technically, we could make the HD2 an Android phone, but I have to take care of Windows Mobile.

BAM! Just like that, all hope has been lost. Or has it?

I personally got a couple things from that nugget. He mentioned the HD2 specifically won’t be an Android phone. There will only be one flavor of HD2, and that’s Windows Mobile. But the rumor I mentioned specifically about the HTC Passion, was supposed to be an “equivalent” of the HD2; not actually the HD2 itself.

So my opinion is that the HTC Passion could be very real still, and could easily be on its way to Verizon. Technically it’s not the HD2, just a heck of a lot like it.

I also found it interesting when he said “I have to take care of Windows Mobile”, as if he were in The Godfather. As if he owes Microsoft something. This statement hints at some sort of mandatory contract or agreement HTC has with Microsoft to carry a certain number or percentage of Windows phones in a given year. I wonder if there’s any validity to that.



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