Google Is Not Bringing Its Own Phone To Market


No Google Phone for You

Back on October 20th we brought you news of the rumor that Google was developing is own Android Phone.

Today we have bad news for those of you who thought this round of Google-phone rumors would end differently than the last. In a talk with CNET, Google VP Andy Rubin stated clearly that his company has no plans for any Android hardware.

While Google designed the increasingly popular Android operating system, they’ve been content to let manufacturers worry about the hardware. Rubin said that it would make no sense for his company to “compete with its customers”. Although Google has, in the past, stepped in to lend a hand on designing some features of the handsets that carry their OS (like the G1), they simply see no profit in building their own.

Google knows that dedicated handset manufacturers have more experience, more motivation, and more ability to draw upon when it comes to designing devices. Just look at Motorola; they didn’t need Google’s help to develop one of the best smartphones ever made. It’s taken a while, but an increasing number of very high-end smartphones have been produced with the Android OS. Both the Rachel and Acer’s A1 are due out soon, and Moto’s devoting most of their resources to making more Android gadgets.

There might once have been a day when a Google-made Android phone would could have given the OS a boost, but that day is long past. The OS has come into its own. All Google needs to do is continue to support and update Android, and watch its market share rise.


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