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Android 2.0 On T-Mobile G1?

Look at the video below, it’s your friendly T-Mobile G1 running the Android 2.0 ‘Eclair’. It’s not a final Android 2.0 build nor is it anywhere close to being an official release, but it’s definitely still a sight to see. The amazing minds we have in the Android community decided to port over what they had in the Android 2.0 SDK  to the T-Mobile G1.

As you’ll see in the video, the 2.0 port on the G1 is very, very rough. It’s sluggish and not really usable but hey, it’s the proof-of-concept and effort that counts! The video goes through some new Android 2.0 features and while some stuff obviously doesn’t work, you still get the overall feel. The T-Mobile G1 (and myTouch 3G) hasn’t yet been confirmed to officially receive Android 2.0 but we’re crossing our fingers it’ll come soon. There’s no doubt that running Android 2.0 will make them feel brand new all over again. Let’s make it happen!

[via engadget]


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Good News for Hero Owners: Android 2.0 Coming to Hero

HTC has posted on the following on their Twitter account:

“The rumors are true! Hero will be getting an Eclair update. We ask for your patience as we update Sense for the fancy new Android OS.”

And a picture for those who need photo proof:

This is good news for the early adopters of the CDMA Hero. Now the question is, how long do we have to wait?

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Google Navigation Goodness Available on Android 2.0

Google has announced Google Maps Navigation for Android 2.0 that will offer users free turn-by-turn navigation. You heard that right. Google Maps. Free Turn-By-Turn Navigation on Android 2.0.

Google Maps Navigation has everything you’d expect to find in a GPS application 3D views, turn-by-turn voice guidance, and automatic rerouting.  Google has also added compelling new features ‘built from the ground up to take advantage of your phone’s Internet connection’. Google lists seven features that are possible because Google Maps Navigation is connected to the Internet:

  • Always have the most recent maps and business data
  • Search with the power of Google (no need to know exact address, Google can do the legwork)
  • Search by voice
  • Live traffic data just like you see in the current Google Maps with real-time information
  • Search along route allows you to search for results that won’t take you far from your route
  • Satellite View — high resolution, 3D view of your route
  • Street View — you’ll be able to see where you need to turn, what your final address is, etc

This is big for Google Maps and even bigger for Android 2.0. Turn-by-turn navigation has probably been the most requested feature for Google Maps and for Google Maps Navigation to come native on the Droid (with a slick car dock UI to boot), and future Android 2.0 devices is a huge bullet point victory over competing mobile smartphones. Eventually, Google Maps Navigation will make its way to other phones but there’s nothing like being first (and nothing like being free!).

With the release of the Motorola Droid running Android 2.0 on Verizon there is only one question that remains — Will Verizon lock this feature down and require their users to pay for the Verizon branded Verizon Navigator?

Learn more about Google Maps Navigation here!

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European HTC Hero Skipping 1.6 Update

We just had an interesting email come across our inbox pertaining to the European version of the HTC Hero. One of our readers reached out to HTC to ask about whether or not their Hero would be seeing an update to Android 1.6. Here’s the email they received back:

“Dear HTC customer,

Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Center. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service and answering all of your questions and concerns.

The Hero will not be receiving the Android 1.6 upgrade, it will however get the 2.0 one. Do note however that we do not have a confirmed release date for this upgrade, all I can recommend at the moment is that you keep yourself updated by visiting our website regularly as the latest information will be available to view from there.

Best regards,
HTC customer support team
HTC Corp. Global Service Division”

Sit tight Hero owners – better things are coming! Now the question becomes, Will US Hero owners get the same treatment?

{via: AndroidGuys}

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Android 2.0 Sneak Peak Video

Just yesterday, Android developers were discussing the fact that Android 2.0 (codenamed “Eclair”) would be out this week, but that Google hadn’t updated its SDK with 2.0 support.

Today, Google is rectifying that problem by announcing that the latest version of the Android SDK now supports Android 2.0. Along with it, Google has also released a video showing what’s new in Android 2.0.

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HTC Working on Android 2.0 Phones

When the Motorola Droid releases on Verizon Wireless in a couple weeks, chances are it will be the first Android phone running Android OS version 2.0. The fact that this has been rumored for quite awhile and that it appears to be coming true begs the question – are Verizon/Motorola getting an inside track?

That’s exactly what Sascha Segan from Gearlog asked reps from both Samsung and HTC. While Samsung – who recently launched the Galaxy and Moment with the Behold 2 coming up didn’t respond, HTC said they indeed have had Android 2.0 in-house for quite awhile and are working on some tasty treats for Android fans to consume.

As to which upcoming HTC Android phones would have 2.0 was unclear, especially considering they’re all rumored devices with nothing official at this point. HTC Desire (Droid Eris), Dragon, Passion, take your pick.  If they ALL had 2.0 we certainly wouldn’t complain, but I’d bet that the higher powered devices run 2.0 while some lesser spec’d devices stick to 1.6.

Regardless, nice to see HTC already has some Android 2.0 phones in the funnel.

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Google Android OS Attracting Big Cellphone Manufacturers

That the Google Android operating system has been successful in attracting significantly more applications for consumers in its first year compared to what Windows Mobile has achieved in nearly ten years, is quite evident from the fact that the Android has essentially won over some of the biggest cellphone manufacturers in the world!

With Android-based phones emerging as the closest rivals of the popular Apple iPhone, it’s clear that leading carriers have realized that the Google Android OS offers them some extremely notable alternatives that give them a big advantage in distinguishing their services from those of their smartphone market rivals.

Introducing the Samsung Messager II
Since Android is primarily an open-source operating system that can be customized, the Open Handset Alliance that backs Android can influence the code standards for reflecting the requirements of its members. This characteristic feature of the Android helps carriers in deciding the kind of user-interface layer they intend to offer over and above the basic operating system.

Commenting on the growing appeal of Android, Android currently supports only 1.8 percent of smartphones worldwide, Cole Brodman – the chief development officer of T-Mobile, the pioneer in Android-based phones – said: “A lot of manufacturers are walking into our office and talking about how important Android is becoming to them.”

Cole further said: “Android is ramping with more manufacturers and

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