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AddressBook availability, 1.6 only on Android Market

From: Nancy Benovich Gilby, VP Engineering, Asurion Mobile Applications

The AddressBook team would like to thank everyone for trying and giving feedback on AddressBook. It’s only been a few days but we’ve learned a lot and will be responding to feedback with improvements in short order.

One issue that may best be addressed when we can catch them in the blogs is “where in the heck/he__ is the AddressBook app?”. We made a mistake and were not as explicit as we should have been that only Android 1.6 is supported by AddressBook at this time.

We realize this is a disappointment to HTC Hero (guess who LUVs her Hero, me) and Moto Cliq users. However, try as we might, there was a severe bug introduced with Android 1.5 that added significant instability into our app, especially with installation and deletion of mixins. We worked with Google, submitted a fix for Andorid on 1.5, and while Google was able to respond for 1.6, there was not an opportunity for them to get the fix into an update for 1.5.

If any of you out there are willing to join our “guinea” program (very pre-release), and likewise are willing to follow a strict set of guideline for installing/de-installing with “as is” ground rules, please email us at to discuss use on 1.5. I’d like to get feedback on is it worth offering it on 1.5. If not, we’re working day and night to be ready for 2.0.

Keep the feedback coming, we are listening,



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We’re Moving to a Dedicated Site

You may experience a few difficulties reaching us as we move to a dedicated site.  Please forgive any difficulties and stick with us as we make our move.

Thank-you for supporting DroidTalk.

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DroidTalk Wants You

Do you love Android? Are you a good writer? Do you have a sense of humor, or a great personality that DroidTalk readers will appreciate? Are you’re continually searching the net for everything Android? Why not put all that research to good use and write for us?

We’re looking for people to cover the daily Android news or if you have an Android application obsession and want to focus on reviewing applications we would love to hear from you. We are most concerned with your skills, knowledge, consistency and long-term commitment.

Use the link found in the Contract DroidTalk box at the top right of the blog and send the following information:

  • Bio/About: what do you do for work or school, where are you from, hobbies/interests, etc…
  • Why you are the “perfect fit”
  • A writing sample that will help us make our decision. Or write a story/article covering recent Android news to show us what you have.

This position is an excellent opportunity an Android-loving college student who wants a little something to put on their resume.  Unfortunately monetary compensation isn’t in the DroidTalk cards right now, but as we continue to grow the possibility may become a reality.

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