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Get Your Hero at Best Buy for $129.99 – Hurry Ends 11/02

If you bought your Sprint HTC Hero from Best Buy or are planning on doing so and you’re a Reward Zone Member, allow me to give you $50. With an Online Coupon and Price Matching within 30-days, you can get the HTC Hero from Best Buy for only $129.99 whether or not you’ve already purchased it. The deal is only good until November 2nd:


Get Your Hero For $129.99

Click on the image to open this PDF and scroll to the last page.


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Sprint’s Steve Elman Talks Android

For many of the 1,000-plus developers at the Sprint Open Developers Conference this Tuesday, there was one word on their lips: Android.

Steve Elfman, president of network operations and wholesale for Sprint, stated it’s not just about iPhone envy. He said the Android ecosystem is growing with so much broad support that it has the potential to become a new standard for the industry.

“In the old PC days, Apple came out with a vertically integrated computer that was great but was a niche product, while Windows became the operating system for all manufacturers to build on,” he said. “I think Android has the opportunity to be the Windows of 2010 and beyond.”

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Handy cost of ownership table: Droid, Hero, and myTouch

Check out this contract term cost caparison between Droid, Sprint’s Hero and the myTouch 3G from Android Central. Of course this doesn’t take into account the value of your time, productivity, or frustration, but it’s a handy tool for careful shoppers.

Surprisingly, the Verizon Motorola DROID does a decent job in the ‘cheapest plan’ battle at $74.98/month. The Sprint HTC Hero and T-Mobile myTouch 3G come in at $69.99 and $79.99, respectively. But Verizon’s low price comes with a catch, Sprint’s ‘cheapest plan’ offers free unlimited calling to any mobile carrier and unlimited messaging. T-Mobile’s comes with 500 whenever minutes and unlimited messaging. Verizon trails them with only 450 whenever minutes and 250 messages. But for users who only use an average amount of minutes and messages, the monthly cost of the Verizon Motorola DROID is somewhat justifiable considering you’ll be on “America’s Most Reliable Network”.

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Sprint: Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Updates Coming

Sprint executive David Owens sat down for a virtual chat on Sprint’s Web site with consumers today, and updated folks with some good news about his carrier’s plans.

  • Google Android OS updates are coming for the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment. While he didn’t specify a version – 1.6 or 2.0 – HTC has previously confirmed that they’re working on an Android 2.0 update for the Hero.
  • Combination CDMA/GSM Android phones are also “a possibility but nothing this year.”
  • They’re considering an Android phone with a built-in MiFi-type router.
  • Android phones will get less expensive “as we see volume across the industry.”
  • Lots of HTC and BlackBerry phones coming next year. HTC phones “will be on the Android platform.”
  • Sprint will “add Wi-Fi to [the BlackBerry] Tour” and have other Wi-Fi BlackBerries going forward.
  • They’re testing Windows Mobile 6.5 updates for the HTC Touch Pro2 and other Windows phones; “plan for early 2010.”
  • They want Windows Mobile 7.0 “as soon as possible, but dependent on Microsoft.”
  • Expect WiMAX phones next year.
  • No tethering for phones that require Everything plans (such as all smartphones) from here on out.

So, some stuff we knew, some we didn’t, but it’s all welcome and interesting. Looks like 2010 will be a very big year for Android.

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HTC 17 Known Issues, Sprint 9 Known Issues with the HTC CDMA Hero

I spoke with my contact at HTC today, there are 17 known issues with the CDMA Hero.  Sprint Tech Support states they only have 9 known issues.  Who do you believe?

Known Issues: (Italics denotes issues known by Sprint)
  1. Text messages
  2. VM not playing on BlueTooth
  3. EVDO showing Rev0 instead of RevA
  4. MMS can’t be sent over WiFi
  5. Can’t delete GMail account
  6. Slow Connection
  7. Duplicate Contacts
  8. Graphics on Accuweather not rendering
  9. Sprint Navigation opening and running in the background on its own
  10. Clock Widget showing incorrect time with all widgets except the combined clock/weather widget
  11. Closing Peep closes the weather on the clock weather widget
  12. Browser doesn’t close
  13. Applications renaming themselves from proper name to com.whatever.something
  14. Native Messaging App opening the dialer
  15. Native Messaging App preventing the phone from sleeping
  16. Delay in receiving SMS messages
  17. Headset putting out mono instead of stereo

Now on to the interesting portion of my conversation with HTC. The HTC Sense UI and 1.6 were having problems getting along prior to release.  Sprint didn’t want to release the Hero running stock Android so the development team at HTC back ported CDMA capabilities into 1.5 which they believe is behind all the problems listed above.  According to HTC the issues between 1.6 and Sense were worked out, the update to 1.6 has been ready for release since October 17, 2009, Sprint has not responded to HTC on how they want to handle the update, in essence Sprint has not approved the release.  Even more interesting is the fact that HTC almost has the bugs worked out between Sense & 2.0 which should be ready for release shortly.

Will Sprint skip right over 1.6 and go to 2.0 or will they leave us stuck with the growing list of problems and 1.5?

HTC’s suggestion was to have everyone with an issue call and report their issues directly to Sprint and hopefully this will light a fire under Sprints proverbial butt.

We have contacted Sprint Corporate at this time they have not responded to our request for more information.  If anyone from Sprint would like to set the record straight please contact us:


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HTC Releases Sync Upgrade for Sprint Hero

HTC Sync Upgrade for HTC Hero (Sprint)

HTC Sync™ lets you synchronize Outlook and Windows Address Book (Outlook Express), contacts and calendar events on your PC with your phone. It also lets you install third-party Android applications on the phone, and the Mobile Network sharing function as well.

Unfortunately if you’re a Mac user like me there’s not Mac love coming from HTC. For you PC guys follow the link above to get your upgrade.

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Text Messaging Issues With HTC Hero Android Device

An influx of people on Sprint’s support forums have been experiencing intermittent text messaging problems with the HTC Hero. The issue seems to be with receiving text messages. Sending messages appear to work just fine. The issue isn’t just with Sprint customers, carriers in the UK are also experiencing the very same problem.

Are any of you experiencing this problem with your HTC Hero?


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