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How to Customize Your Notification Ringtones

Do you want to customize your notification tones for your SMS, MMS, IM, or other communication application?

First mount your Android device so that it’s accessible from your computer, the one your your SD card go to media > audio > notifications. This is folder where you store files for use by application notifications.

For ringtones follow the same process media > audio > ringtones is the folder where you store files to use as phone ringtones.  I have been able to get my ringtones to work just by placing a ringtones folder in the main directory of the SD card.  My recommendation is to try both methods and use the one that works for you.

For alarms follow the same process until you find the alarms file.

If these folders aren’t there, just create them.

Once you’ve reached the correct folder drag and drop your desired ringtones to the appropriate folder.

Now that you’ve completed all the steps above, unmount your phone from the computer and all your added ringtones should be selectable, if they’re not reboot your phone.


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kgb Answers Mobile Application Hits Android and iPhone

kgb’s Answers to Any Question, Answered in Real Time by kgb Special Agents, Are Now Available on Smartphones with More Information in Every Answer.

Today kgb announced the release of their mobile application for Android and iPhone. kgb, is the global information company behind America’s most successful text answer service, kgb 542542, has introduced ‘kgb Answers,’ a new mobile answer application for the iPhone and Google Android devices (TM). Now available for download in the iPhone App Store and the Google Android Marketplace, the kgb Answers mobile app delivers quick and accurate answers to any question while allowing consumers to take full advantage of the rich capabilities of their smartphones.

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Motorola Cliq Available Now to T-Mobile Customers

T-Mobile USA is now offering the Motorola Cliq to its current customers. However, those who are interested in switching to T-Mobile to get this Android-based smartphone will have to wait until early November to get it.

The Cliq is the replacement for the T-Mobile G1, and like its predecessor has a sliding keyboard and capacitive touchscreen.

The Cliq smartphone is selling for the $200 with a two-year service agreement. T-Mobile voice plans start at $29.99 a month and qualifying data plans start at $24.99 a month.

To put in an order, go to www.t-mobile.com/CLIQ.

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Meet Alex The Google Android Based E-Reader

Spring Design let loose the latest e-reader today, a Google Android-based device called Alex. Spring Design gives a nice summary of its features, the most important being its combination of a color and an e-ink screen.

Alex, the first Google Android-based e-book device to provide full Internet browsing over Wi-Fi or mobile networks such as 3G, EVDO/CDMA and GSM. With its dual-screen, multi-access capability, it provides the entire Web universe as a handy reference library, prompting users to delve into its vast information base to complement, clarify or enhance what they are reading. Alex is the first truly mobile wireless e-book device that gives users their own personalized library on the go, whenever and wherever they need it.

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