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Chicktionary Comes to Android

After iPhone and iPod touch devices, Blockdot now releases its one of the most played games on the Internet called the Chicktionary for Google Android phones.

The game features chickens, each bearing a letter. During gameplay, the player’s aim is to unscramble letters and form maximum words possible. Players need to tap on chickens and spell out a word. Similarly, they need to create as many words as possible to gain maximum points.

Apart from the amazing gameplay, the game also comes with new features that offer exciting gaming experience on the Google Android phone. To create more words, players can simply shake their phones to shuffle chickens and change the sequence of letters. Players can gain Eggchievements for crazy stuff, find hidden Chicktionary Easter eggs or just play the game like a professional player.

To elevate the fun, the game also offers 100 levels in the full version and 12 levels in the “lite” version. Players can also save their existing game that enables them to continue it later. Furthermore, players can also send a challenge-a-friend message directly from their phones and post their scores to the worldwide leaderboard.

All you game lovers can purchase the full version of Chicktionary for an effective price of $1.99 available at the Android Market.


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