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Google Is Not Bringing Its Own Phone To Market


No Google Phone for You

Back on October 20th we brought you news of the rumor that Google was developing is own Android Phone.

Today we have bad news for those of you who thought this round of Google-phone rumors would end differently than the last. In a talk with CNET, Google VP Andy Rubin stated clearly that his company has no plans for any Android hardware.

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Google Android OS Attracting Big Cellphone Manufacturers

That the Google Android operating system has been successful in attracting significantly more applications for consumers in its first year compared to what Windows Mobile has achieved in nearly ten years, is quite evident from the fact that the Android has essentially won over some of the biggest cellphone manufacturers in the world!

With Android-based phones emerging as the closest rivals of the popular Apple iPhone, it’s clear that leading carriers have realized that the Google Android OS offers them some extremely notable alternatives that give them a big advantage in distinguishing their services from those of their smartphone market rivals.

Introducing the Samsung Messager II
Since Android is primarily an open-source operating system that can be customized, the Open Handset Alliance that backs Android can influence the code standards for reflecting the requirements of its members. This characteristic feature of the Android helps carriers in deciding the kind of user-interface layer they intend to offer over and above the basic operating system.

Commenting on the growing appeal of Android, Android currently supports only 1.8 percent of smartphones worldwide, Cole Brodman – the chief development officer of T-Mobile, the pioneer in Android-based phones – said: “A lot of manufacturers are walking into our office and talking about how important Android is becoming to them.”

Cole further said: “Android is ramping with more manufacturers and

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Chicktionary Comes to Android

After iPhone and iPod touch devices, Blockdot now releases its one of the most played games on the Internet called the Chicktionary for Google Android phones.

The game features chickens, each bearing a letter. During gameplay, the player’s aim is to unscramble letters and form maximum words possible. Players need to tap on chickens and spell out a word. Similarly, they need to create as many words as possible to gain maximum points.

Apart from the amazing gameplay, the game also comes with new features that offer exciting gaming experience on the Google Android phone. To create more words, players can simply shake their phones to shuffle chickens and change the sequence of letters. Players can gain Eggchievements for crazy stuff, find hidden Chicktionary Easter eggs or just play the game like a professional player.

To elevate the fun, the game also offers 100 levels in the full version and 12 levels in the “lite” version. Players can also save their existing game that enables them to continue it later. Furthermore, players can also send a challenge-a-friend message directly from their phones and post their scores to the worldwide leaderboard.

All you game lovers can purchase the full version of Chicktionary for an effective price of $1.99 available at the Android Market.

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Track Your Poo with Poo Log

To coincide with the release of the hilarious new book, “What’s My Pee Telling Me?” hitting shelves this month, the authors and AvatarLabs have developed the “Poo Log,” an unprecedented, gastrointestinal tracker for mobile users everywhere, combining a timer with a helpful log that allows anyone to find out what’s going on “down there”. For more info visit: http://www.avatarlabs.com/poo

Based on the original best-selling book “What’s Your Poo Telling You?” by Josh Richman and Anish Sheth, M.D., AvatarLabs’ “Poo Log” is the top choice app for discerning “Poo-ers” everywhere. The application also offers a fun quiz of fascinating “Poo” facts. A version of the app for Google Android is also available now in the Android Marketplace.


Application Description from their site:
Finally! What every iPhone and iPod touch has been waiting for – the Poo Log ($1.99 in the Android Market), a digital timer and journal for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of each bowel moviement. With a clever mix of bathroom humor and legitimate medical information, Poo Log allows you to track your digestive workings and graph you poo – all with one hand. With handy references, trivia, and interesting nuggets throughout, this digital Poo Log makes every trip to the can an e-loc-cidating experience. Who knew one could learn so much from poo?

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Google Android Flexing Its Muscles

If you have been following the Android news lately, you might have seen important Android announcements published around the web. Despite having the full backing of a gigantic company like Google, Android has seen relatively mundane progress in terms of software releases as well as hardware adoption until now.

In the past Android devices popped-up here and there and a couple succeeded in making some buzz, but nothing outstanding like the “Jesus” phone (iphone), until just recently when Google CEO Eric Schmidt commented, and I quote, “Android adoption is about to explode”.

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HTC Passion to Join the Verizon Droid Family

Verizon customers are going to have many reasons to be joyous  this holiday season. First there is the Motorola Droid, then there is the Verizon HTC Droid Eris (Codename HTC Desire) which will launch early November as well. And now we have none other than the HTC Passion:
We showed you this picture before when it was first leaked but no details came with the images. It appears the rumors we reported on earlier are true, the HTC Passion is supposedly the Android version of the HTC Touch HD2, which boasts a 1GHz snapdragon processor, Android 2.0 and a large screen.   You’ll have two huge handsets with the Droid/Passion, one with a hardware keyboard and one without, and then the Droid Eris which will attract the more moderately sized phone yearners.
The more these Verizon Android rumors persist, the more pleasantly surprised I am that they are making such a big push when the once discounted the Android OS.
[Via TheUnlockr]

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Service Tattler for Android Update

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Man Clay over at Service Tattler is on the ball, sure wish there were more programmers around like him. I found a few bugs using the program, reported them to Clay and he’s posted a temporary update to Service Tattler, with another update coming Sunday to address some other issues I managed to find.

If you’re a foodie like me, I highly recommended Service Tattler. There are some great features coming that I can’t discuss right now, so stay tuned to DroidTalk and we’ll fill you in when we get the ok from Clay.

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