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Google Is Not Bringing Its Own Phone To Market


No Google Phone for You

Back on October 20th we brought you news of the rumor that Google was developing is own Android Phone.

Today we have bad news for those of you who thought this round of Google-phone rumors would end differently than the last. In a talk with CNET, Google VP Andy Rubin stated clearly that his company has no plans for any Android hardware.

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Palm Gets Sell Rating Due to Competition from Google Android

Palm (PALM Quote) was slapped with a sell rating Tuesday on concerns that the new arrivals in the smartphone market will crowd out the Pre.

The heroic makeover of Palm is facing a significant challenge as telcos like Verizon (VZ Quote), Sprint (S Quote), and AT&T (T Quote) align behind Apple (AAPL Quote), Research In Motion (RIMM Quote) and phones built on the Google (GOOG Quote) Android operating system, shoving Palm into fourth place among suppliers, writes BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long in a research note Tuesday.

GOOG Oct 27 2009, 12:26 PM EDT
% Change
PALM Oct 27 2009, 12:27 PM EDT
% Change

The downgrade comes a day ahead of Verizon’s introduction of the Motorola (MOT Quote) Droid phone running on Google’s Android system. It also follows a report earlier this month that Verizon was snubbing Palm next year and putting its full support behind Android and BlackBerry phones. Verizon has said it plans to offer the Palm Pre and Pixi phone early next year.

Google also has plans as reported here, to bring its own Android phone to the market as early as this year.

The heavy competition and the fading popularity of the Pre phone along with the potential cannibalization of Pre by the Pixi next month does not bode well for Palm, Long notes.

“We believe that the company will miss its guidance for the second half of fiscal 2010,” writes Long.

Palm shares fell 5.25% to $13.53 in late morning trading Tuesday.

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Google Android Flexing Its Muscles

If you have been following the Android news lately, you might have seen important Android announcements published around the web. Despite having the full backing of a gigantic company like Google, Android has seen relatively mundane progress in terms of software releases as well as hardware adoption until now.

In the past Android devices popped-up here and there and a couple succeeded in making some buzz, but nothing outstanding like the “Jesus” phone (iphone), until just recently when Google CEO Eric Schmidt commented, and I quote, “Android adoption is about to explode”.

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Big Cellphone Makers Shifting to Android System

Published: October 25, 2009
Since 1996, Microsoft has been writing operating systems for little computers to carry in your pocket. It was a lonely business until the company’s perennial rival, Apple, introduced the Web-browsing, music-playing iPhone. But now that smartphones are popular, Microsoft’s operating system, Windows Mobile, is floundering.Laptop Cop

Peter Yates for The New York Times
Andrew Lees, Microsoft’s vice president for mobile communications, says the company has altered its cellphone software strategy.

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg News
Motorola is one of the cellphone giants switching to the free Android software. Above, the company’s Cliq smartphone.

More cellphone makers are turning to the free Android operating system made by Microsoft’s latest nemesis, Google.

Cellphone makers that have used Windows Mobile to run their top-of-the-line smart-phones — including Samsung, LG, Kyocera, Sony Ericsson — are now also making Android devices. Twelve Android handsets have been announced this year, with dozens more expected next year. Motorola has dropped Windows Mobile from its line entirely in a switch to Android. HTC, a major cellphone maker, expects half its phones sold this year to run Android. Dell is using Android for its entry into the cellphone market.

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Google Introducing New Music Service?

Google is looking to get involved with music services and it’s going to use the help of current web services like iLike and LaLa to do so. From what we gathered, Google Audio will allow people to search for artists, songs, etc and it’ll display results in either snippets of the song or full-length versions and point users to where they can easily purchase those songs. And though that’s an amazing and exciting proposition, being able to simply use the power of Google to get easy-access to purchasing songs, it’s not exactly going head to head with the moneymaking heavyweight that is iTunes.

A lot is still unknown at this point, final UI details and design may change and clearer details may eventually come about. But what’s sure is that Google is planning to announce this new service on October 28th (interestingly, the same day as the Droid event!) so we’ll find out soon. Could Google eventually use their new service to replace the Amazon MP3 Store on Android?

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HTC Tattoo

We’ve seen the HTC Tattoo before, just in a different name. Previously known as the HTC Click, the Tattoo is a budget minded, low end Android phone that’s been officially announced and will be releasing in Europe in early October. What’s amazing is that even though it’s not targeted for the high-end user the Tattoo will still run HTC Sense.

The downside of the HTC Tattoo? Well, again since it’s not targeted for the high-end user, it’ll only use a 2.8-inch QVGA(240×320) resistive touchscreen. We know the resistive touchscreen was used to keep costs down but if it’s at the expense of user experience, it’s a tough pill to swallow. Hopefully the average consumer won’t blame the Android OS for hardware shortcomings.

On the bright side, the other specs look magnificent for a mass market device: 528MHz Qualcomm processor, 3.2 megapixel camera, 512MB ROM, 256MB RAM, 3G, quad-band GSM, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, compass and accelerometer. HTC is seriously positioning themselves as the Android phone manufacturer. High-end, low-end, mid-end, anything–they’ve got it covered.

Here are two review videos:

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Nokia & Apple Headed to Court Over Patent Breach

Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, is suing Apple in a US court, alleging the iPhone infringes 10 of its wireless patents, in a move that could cost the Californian technology firm tens of millions of dollars.

The two companies have been locked in talks to agree a licensing deal that would see Nokia receive payments for the technology it has developed, which has become an industry-wide standard. Talks, however, failed to reach a settlement and Nokia has started legal proceedings, which are unlikely to enter court until the end of 2011.

A Nokia spokesman said that Apple would be able to continue developing the iPhone and shipping existing models, even though the company alleges that every device breaches its patents.

“We are not seeking to disrupt the business of any operator or the company, we are looking to get appropriate compensation for our intellectual property,” he said. “For Nokia, legal action is always a last resort.”

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“The patents cover wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption and are infringed by all Apple iPhone models shipped since the iPhone was introduced in 2007,” Nokia said.

The company said it has invested billions in research and development over the past two decades and has successfully entered into licence agreements including these patents with approximately 40 companies, including virtually all the leading mobile device vendors.

“The basic principle in the mobile industry is that those companies who contribute in technology development to establish standards create intellectual property, which others then need to compensate for,” said Ilkka Rahnasto, vice president, Legal & Intellectual Property, at Nokia. “Apple is also expected to follow this principle. By refusing to agree appropriate terms for Nokia’s intellectual property, Apple is attempting to get a free ride on the back of Nokia’s innovation.”

The move came as rumours run rife that Google is about to unveil the latest version of its software platform. Android 2.0 is rumoured to be nicknamed eclair, following on from version 1.5, which was branded “cupcake”, and version 1.6, codenamed “donut”. Much of the naming speculation comes after a video surfaced on the internet showing Google staff placing a giant eclair on the lawn of the company’s Mountain View headquarters, next to the existing cupcake and donut whose appearance had heralded previous software releases.

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