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No Android HTC HD2 for Verizon?

Yours truly reported a rumor circulating a few days back that the HTC Passion, the CDMA equivalent of the Dragon, would be coming to Verizon as Android’s version of the HD2. According to a recent interview however, that rumor has been dispelled by HTC’s CEO. Continue reading

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HTC Passion to Join the Verizon Droid Family

Verizon customers are going to have many reasons to be joyous  this holiday season. First there is the Motorola Droid, then there is the Verizon HTC Droid Eris (Codename HTC Desire) which will launch early November as well. And now we have none other than the HTC Passion:
We showed you this picture before when it was first leaked but no details came with the images. It appears the rumors we reported on earlier are true, the HTC Passion is supposedly the Android version of the HTC Touch HD2, which boasts a 1GHz snapdragon processor, Android 2.0 and a large screen.   You’ll have two huge handsets with the Droid/Passion, one with a hardware keyboard and one without, and then the Droid Eris which will attract the more moderately sized phone yearners.
The more these Verizon Android rumors persist, the more pleasantly surprised I am that they are making such a big push when the once discounted the Android OS.
[Via TheUnlockr]

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HTC Dragon Captured?

Another hot looking Android handset has slipped through the cracks and appeared at TheUnlockr though no details were included:

Could this be the HTC Dragon we have heard about? The Dragon is believed to be the Android equivalent of the HTC HD2 (basically the same hardware running Android instead of Windows Mobile). You can also see the trackball at the bottom of the phone which could be easily added by HTC to the HD2 to give the Dragon a better way to scroll.

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HTC HD 2 – Speculation the US Release Will Include Android & CDMA

Wow, the net is running rampant with rumors that the HTC HD2 will release in the US early 2010 with the Android OS on a CDMA carrier. Could this be the reason Sprint has passed on some of the soon to be released Android phones? Many of HTC’s phones are often converted for CDMA and EVDO and could reach the US through Sprint or Verizon if a switch takes place.

The first thing you notice about this powerhouse is the 4.3 capacitive touch screen that makes the iPhone look like a child’s toy.  The screen may be the first thing you notice, but it’s not what’s making people drool.

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