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Make Money Using Twitter

Hey all you Tweeters here’s a quick easy way to put some extra cash in your pocket, Sponsored Tweets pays you to tweet about their clients products and services. The best part is there’s no cost to you. That’s right it’s free to sign up with Sponsored Tweets is basically Twitter
Advertising that pays the average Twitter user. Sponsored Tweets is a new Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters. Advertisers can create sponsored conversations on Twitter. Tweeters can earn money for spreading the word.

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How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Many of my friends who are new to Twitter ask me what they can do to increase their Twitter Sphere of Influence or followers for those of you using Twitter for the fun of it.
Many people will tell you to follow as many people as possible when you first join Twitter, some people will automatically follow you back whether they know you or not because it’s the polite thing to do.  This is somewhat risky as you might get pegged as a Twitter spammer.
Others will tell you subscribe (aka pay a fee) to a service that will help you increase your followers.  Honestly, this really isn’t necessary and is a complete waste of money.  I prefer a more personal approach.

Let’s say you’re interested in the latest iPhone applications or that you’re a fan of the reality TV show Big Brother.  You can type in either of these search terms in the search box located on the right of your Twitter home page.  Some say you should type your search phrase like this #iPhone or #Big Brother.  Honestly I have search both way and haven’t noticed any big difference in the displayed results.

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