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Motorola Hopes Android is Their Savior

Motorola to release 80 per cent of 2010 portfolio on Google Android platform, with UK version of Droid expected on Vodafone before Christmas and further Android handsets in new year

Motorola has announced an aggressive Android rollout strategy, claiming 80 per cent of all its handsets launched in 2010 will be based on the platform.

Its first Android offering, and major device release in nearly a year, the Dext, was released exclusively on Orange in the UK last month. The device has been named Cliq for the US market.

Motorola shares rose more than eight per cent on Monday as investors anticipated the success of the manufacturer’s second Android phone, the Droid, launched in the US on Verizon Wireless.

Verizon has marketed the handset as being superior to the iPhone in terms of its product specification.

The UK version of the Droid, which has the working title ‘Sholes’, is expected on Vodafone before Christmas.

The Droid features a touchscreen and QWERTY slider, five megapixel camera and flash. It has been trailed already in the US with an Apple iPhone-baiting advertisement.

A tablet version of the Droid is also expected next year, also running on the Android platform and featuring an eight-megapixel camera.

Other Android devices from Motorola, including the ‘Motus’ and ‘Zeppelin’, are due in the new year, across various price points.

Motorola UK country manager for mobile devices Fraser King told a Data Select dealer conference this month: “Our portfolio for the next 12 months and strategy is all about Android.

“80 per cent of the products we launch next year will all be based on the Android platform and our vision is to take what we are doing with Android and social networking and social connectivity and drive it down in to the masses and capitalise on trends we are seeing in the mobile market.”

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Motorola DEXT Unboxed

Here’s a taste of the unboxing videos sure to pop up in the US in the coming weeks. It’s the Motorola DEXT on UK carrier, Orange. For those of us in America, the phone will be called Cliq, on the T-Mobile network.

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