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Cliq Promo Video Hits the Streets

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Big Cellphone Makers Shifting to Android System

Published: October 25, 2009
Since 1996, Microsoft has been writing operating systems for little computers to carry in your pocket. It was a lonely business until the company’s perennial rival, Apple, introduced the Web-browsing, music-playing iPhone. But now that smartphones are popular, Microsoft’s operating system, Windows Mobile, is floundering.Laptop Cop

Peter Yates for The New York Times
Andrew Lees, Microsoft’s vice president for mobile communications, says the company has altered its cellphone software strategy.

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg News
Motorola is one of the cellphone giants switching to the free Android software. Above, the company’s Cliq smartphone.

More cellphone makers are turning to the free Android operating system made by Microsoft’s latest nemesis, Google.

Cellphone makers that have used Windows Mobile to run their top-of-the-line smart-phones — including Samsung, LG, Kyocera, Sony Ericsson — are now also making Android devices. Twelve Android handsets have been announced this year, with dozens more expected next year. Motorola has dropped Windows Mobile from its line entirely in a switch to Android. HTC, a major cellphone maker, expects half its phones sold this year to run Android. Dell is using Android for its entry into the cellphone market.

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Motorola Calgary, Not the Droid Brings Android to Verizon

With all the hype surrounding Motorola’s resurgence into the smartphone world with the upcoming Droid, it’s easy to see why there might not be much enthusiasm for their other Android powered phone, the still code-named, Calgary.

While the Droid lacks MOTOBLUR or BLUR, the Calgary apparently will have it. If you don’t know what that is, go here. If you do a lot of social networking, this is a feature you definitely might want to look into. Other than that, it appears that this will be a lower-end model phone for those who don’t want to hand over their hard earned cash for the Droid.

Not a bad idea at all, especially when you throw in the features.

A 3 mega-pixel camera is a step down but is pretty standard, it also features three touch-sensitive Android buttons right on the display, an optical pad which is pretty nifty, a 3.5mm headset jack, a QWERTY keyboard and several other features to look forward to.

So if you don’t want to get the fancy smartphones, and you are one of those people that uses it to call people and maybe text, the Calgary looks like your best bet. That is, if you want Android and you use Verizon.

Hopefully Motorola releasing 80% of their upcoming devices running Android assists in their making a nice comeback.

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Google Developing Its Own Android Phone?

Google is planning to release its own branded, unlocked, Android-based phone this year, according to a report on TheStreet.com. The move would mark a major break with the system Google has set up to grow the reach of its Android platform.

The report, which cited Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar, said the company will work directly with retailers on the phone, and not wireless carriers. The report stated that Kumar spoke with Google’s design partners about the phone which is said to be using Qualcomm chips however no hardware partner was named.

If talk of the Google phone is true, the entrance of a unlocked, low-cost, Web-friendly touchscreen device will probably undercut other Android phone efforts by players like HTC, Motorola, and Samsung

Interestingly, the GPhone rumor is not new. In the early days of Android, rumors pointed to the possibility of a Google-branded phone.

Google spokeswoman Katie Watson declined to comment, stating the company does not comment on market rumors or speculation.

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Motorola Hopes Android is Their Savior

Motorola to release 80 per cent of 2010 portfolio on Google Android platform, with UK version of Droid expected on Vodafone before Christmas and further Android handsets in new year

Motorola has announced an aggressive Android rollout strategy, claiming 80 per cent of all its handsets launched in 2010 will be based on the platform.

Its first Android offering, and major device release in nearly a year, the Dext, was released exclusively on Orange in the UK last month. The device has been named Cliq for the US market.

Motorola shares rose more than eight per cent on Monday as investors anticipated the success of the manufacturer’s second Android phone, the Droid, launched in the US on Verizon Wireless.

Verizon has marketed the handset as being superior to the iPhone in terms of its product specification.

The UK version of the Droid, which has the working title ‘Sholes’, is expected on Vodafone before Christmas.

The Droid features a touchscreen and QWERTY slider, five megapixel camera and flash. It has been trailed already in the US with an Apple iPhone-baiting advertisement.

A tablet version of the Droid is also expected next year, also running on the Android platform and featuring an eight-megapixel camera.

Other Android devices from Motorola, including the ‘Motus’ and ‘Zeppelin’, are due in the new year, across various price points.

Motorola UK country manager for mobile devices Fraser King told a Data Select dealer conference this month: “Our portfolio for the next 12 months and strategy is all about Android.

“80 per cent of the products we launch next year will all be based on the Android platform and our vision is to take what we are doing with Android and social networking and social connectivity and drive it down in to the masses and capitalise on trends we are seeing in the mobile market.”

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Motorola Cliq Unboxed

MOTOROLA CLIQ with MOTOBLUR will be available exclusively from T-Mobile beginning Nov 2. Pre-ordering for current T-Mobile customers begins Oct. 19.

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Verizon Wireless and Motorola Have Made the Motorola Droid Official

Verizon Wireless and Motorola have made the Motorola Droid official, revealing that the phone will offer Android 2.0 and more.

Verizon Wireless
recently announced that the carrier would soon offer Android phones, and leaks have suggested that the first phone will be the Motorola Droid. Through a marketing campaign, Verizon Wireless now reveals (and confirms) a range of key features of the Motorola Droid here.

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